I recently went on an amazing trip to Europe with my classmates organized by Young Edsplorer. We travelled to three countries in just 10 days: France, Italy, and Switzerland.

The trip started in Paris, where we got to see some of the most famous landmarks in the city like the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre Museum. We also tried delicious French cuisine like croissants and baguettes.

Next, we headed to Switzerland, where we explored the Swiss Alps and the beautiful town of Interlaken. We went on hikes, rode cable cars, and enjoyed the stunning views of the mountains and lakes. We even got to learn about Swiss culture and music. 

The final leg of our journey took us to Rome in Italy, and I was blown away by the history and architecture of the city. We visited ancient ruins like the Colosseum and learned about the Roman Empire and the Catholic Church. Seeing Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel ceiling was definitely a highlight of the trip. 

In Florence, we got to experience the art and architecture of the Renaissance. We visited the Florence Cathedral and the Uffizi Gallery, and learned about the famous artists and thinkers who shaped this period of history.

Overall, this was an incredible trip that gave me a new appreciation for European culture and history. I learned so much and gained valuable skills that will help me in my academic and personal life. Thanks to Young Edsplorer, I had the opportunity to have a fun and enriching educational travel experience that I will never forget.

Priyanka- “Edsplore Europe Group”