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Young Edsplorer is an Indian company that specializes in organizing educational travel for students to help them explore and learn about different cultures and historical landmarks.

We organize educational travel for students from the age of 10 to 18 years.

We offer a wide range of educational trips, including International Journeys, College Tours, Language and Cultural Journeys, Workshops, Domestic Journeys, Adventure, life skills and CAS based Camps.

Yes, all our programs are specially curated for experiential learning, we follow Ex-En-Ex principal mentioned on About Us page, to make sure this trip turns out to be most memorable & learning experience for students.

You can easily book a trip with Young Edsplorer by filling out our online booking form on our website or contacting our customer service team via email or phone, we will connect with you within 24hours.

Our trip cost includes air fare, accommodation, meals, transportation, sightseeing, and educational activities. Any additional expenses, such as souvenirs, personal expenses, are not included in the trip cost.

Parents can’t accompany the students but teachers travel as per their guardian.

Yes, travel insurance is included in the trip cost.

Our refund policy varies depending on the trip and the circumstances of the cancellation. Please refer to our terms and conditions for more information on our refund policy.

Yes, we prioritize the safety and well-being of our students and accompanying teachers. We have safety measures in place, including child-safety trained tour managers, safe transportation, and emergency protocols.

The minimum group size is usually 30 students, and the maximum group size depends on the destination and trip itinerary. Please contact us for more information.

Young Edsplorer has trained staff that will provide necessary medical attention in case of illness or injury. All students & teachers are covered under travel Insurance. Also, Parents or guardians will be notified immediately in case of any medical emergency.

You can contact us through our website or email us at We also have a customer service helpline that you can call for any queries.

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